36W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants with Timer
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Fuel The Growth of Your Plants

This LED Plant Growth Light comes with four goosenecks and not only solves the trouble of setup and inflexibility of traditional hanging grow light but also provides a much wider coverage area than clip grow light with two or three arms. A mix of Red + Blue + Warm light.


Easy To Use

The Grow Light is intuitive and easy to use. Simply connect the adapter to the device and the plug to a nearby power source. The tube is more flexible and convenient. Adjust the product to optimal distance and lighting direction or as needed.


Control Panel

3 Switch Modes: Blue / Red / Red & Blue
5 Dimming Levels
3 Timing Modes: 4h, 8h and 12h.


Perfect Red and Blue Spectrum

Key Features

  • This LED lamp has grow lights made up of 80 efficient LEDs (36 red, 16 blue and 28 full spectrum). It meets the conditions of plant growth without sunlight.
  • Suitable for all plants to root and sprout.
  • 2x RED (660nm) + BLUE (460nm) SPECTRUM, for blooming and fruits. 3x RED+BLUE+FULL SPECTRUM.
  • Plant grow lights come with the circular memory timer function allows to automatically turn on/off every day according to your settings: 3H (Blue)/9H (Green)/12H (Red). Which requires no manual operation and takes good care of your plants when you on work or vacation.
  • Our grow lamps provides 10 dimmable modes to suit varied stages of plant growth. It has 10 levels of light intensity and has 3 spectral modes to meet different stages of plant-growing needs.
  • The LED grow lights have a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect in your office or home to USB or AC power plug (includes adapter).
  • The coverage area with one head is roughly 24-27 inches depending on the height you have the head aimed.
  • The 4-head light has a 360-degree flexible gooseneck made from quality tubing to keep a fixed position.
  • The metal clamp allows the lamp to be placed anywhere in your home or office.
  • Indoor LED grow light is backed by an aviation-grade heat sink powered by a temperature control unit. This improved heat sink efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the lamp to the atmosphere.

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